GENERAL PARADE INFO | Chi tiết diễn hành

Parade Line Up and Order TBA

DATE | ngày

Thứ Bảy
, Ngày 9 
Tháng 2, 2019

9 AM – 1 PM 

*Application Submittal Period (Thời Hạn Đơn)
10am Dec 20, 2018 to 5pm Jan 20, 2019

Tet Parade Details | Chi tiết Diễn Hành Tết

Parade Line Up & Pick Up:

  • Date: Wednesday, January 2 , 2019
  • Time: 7 PM to 9 PM
  • Location: Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California HQ (13127 Brookhurst Street Garden Grove, CA 92843)

Participants Check In:

  • Starting at 7 A.M., Saturday, 2/4 at Bolsa and Magnolia (in front of Bank Of America)
  • Participants must enter parade staging and checking area via Newland Street at Bolsa and present Parade Pass to traffic control staff.

Parking (for Parade Participants):

  • Parking is available at Leo Carrillo Elementary School
  • Parking is also available at Gillespie Park – 9801 McFadden Ave., Westminster
  • On Bishop Place between Magnolia Street and Bushard Street (behind Asian Garden Mall)
  • On Bolsa Avenue (on north side of street) between Magnolia St. and Purdy St. (only for parade participants, must enter before 8 a.m.)
  • In surrounding residential areas.

Floats Guidelines:

  • Floats inspection day: TBA
  • Set up: 6 AM 
  • City Inspection: 12 PM 
  • Location: Along the side road of Bolsa (Frontage Road – Green area) (Refer to map below)
  • Float is a truck, a towed platform, or large vehicle with decorations. Cars and Vans with banners attached to the side are not consider a float.
  • Floats must be NO longer than 52 ft, 12 ft wide, and 12 ft tall.
  • All floats must have a FIRE EXTINGUISHER that has not expired.
  • If a float use an electrical (power) generator, permit with the City of Westminster is required.
  • No adjustments/modification to floats after inspection.
  • Inspected floats will be parked overnight inside along Bolsa Ave. (there will be security guards overnight).
  • Floats that do not pass inspection will not be allowed in parade.
  • Floats drivers must arrive on site at 6 AM, Saturday, February 4 to move floats into staging area and line up.

MAPS | sơ đồ

SITE PLAN | khu vực sân khấu chính

  1. Floats will be inspected Friday, February 8, along the side road of Bolsa (Frontage Road – Green area).  Floats only, cars do not need to be inspected.  After inspected, floats will be parked there overnight.
  2. The Registration Area will be at the corner of Bolsa and Purdy intersection
  3. In the morning, floats and vehicles shall move onto North lanes of Bolsa Avenue between Registration Booth and Control Booth 1
  4. Marching bands and pedestrial groups shall move onto the South lanes of Bolsa Avenue between Registration Booth and Control Booth 1.
  5. As the Floats/Vehicles and Marching Band/Pedestrial groups past the Control Booth 1, they merge into one single line and proceed to the Control Booth 2 before entering the Main Parade Route. 
  6. At Control Booth 2, each parade group is allowed to start their parade according to their assigned order.

PARADE ROUTE | lộ trình diễn hành

On Bolsa Avenue,

  1. Begins at Magnolia Street, moving on North lanes toward Bushard.
  2. Ends at Bushard Street, the parade turn right into Bushard and disperse.
  3. There is one Main Stage locate at the Left Turn lanes into the A Dong Market.
Two seating areas: on the right and in front of the main stage ($5 per seat – tickets can be pre-purchased at 13127 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove; or 9078 Bolsa Ave, Westminster; or 9061 Bolsa Ave, STE 204-205, Westminster.)


CONTACT US | liên lạc BTC

LOCATION | Địa điểm

Bolsa Ave. & Saigon St.
Westminster, CA 92683

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